Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury, & Retail is a non-profit alumni organization of 600 diverse members from around the world, spanning 6 continents, 8 decades, and all 13 schools within Harvard University.

Our group was founded for 3 purposes:

Through our community and these initiatives, we hope to shift the social ecology of the FL&R industries to become places that empowers ALL people and promotes a healthy environment.

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Every month we offer a variety of events with industry leaders and marginalized voices. Our programs are currently free and open to the public, as we believe everyone deserves access to education.

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At the end of each month we offer our members an opportunity to connect with one another in a secure way that protects our members' privacy while still allowing people to connect for collective action.

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As a non-profit we understand the critical work that similar organizations are doing without the resources to do so. We will present various opportunities for our members to give back throughout the year.


If you are an alum of any Harvard school, a current student, an honorary degree holder or fellow, a faculty or staff member, an event speaker, a FL&R Award recipient, a donor that meets a certain threshold, or a family member of such a person you are eligible to become a member!

To become a member, please fill out the form below:



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Our events are intentionally free and open to the public, so even if you cannot join as a member you can still join us in discovering The Truth about fashion, luxury, and retail!

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We aim to make education accessible to all, but we also believe that

education without compensation is exploitation and that we must work to dismantle systems of unpaid labor.

We are currently fundraising to be able to pay our event speakers so that we may offer high-quality, holistic, and free educational resources to ALL people.

If you would like to help us use our platform for marginalized voices and marginalized audiences, then please consider making a donation.

And if you would like more information and recommendations then please

visit our page on anti-racism.